LETV Pro Xtion 100% Replace ASUS Xtion Pro Live

Edit:Artcreation 3D Technology Limited      Date:Aug 17, 2017

LETV Pro Xtion can 100% replace ASUS Xtion Pro Live.

LETV is a company specialized in producing TVs in China.

In 2013, LETV company cooperated with ASUS company for 3D Depth Sensor.

ASUS provided ASUS Xtion Pro Live(without ASUS Logo but with LETV Logo) to LETV company.

LETV company named this 3D Depth Sensor "LETV Pro Xtion".

But due to the contract between ASUS company and Primesense company expired. ASUS stopped providing "LETV Pro Xtion" to LETV company now.

The stock of "LETV Pro Xtion" is limited too. If you want to buy, please contact us earlier.


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